The team from INTERSPORT Winkler

Our proven and reliable team will attend again this season with joy and know-how. Your own enthusiasm for the sport on the mountain and continuing education are our key success factors of our team. 

Georg Winkler CEO

Veronika Fink

Herbert Schermer

Christine Kaufmann

Gerry Rieder

Birgid Hausbacher

Jaqueline Greiderer

David Gugglberger

Evelyn Edinger

Kristina Juric

Tomas Blatecki

Anita Gugglberger

Peter Margreiter

Bernhard Zott

Marion Zott

Andrea Rass

Theresa Schonner

Frederic Told

Eva-Maria Moritz

Silvio Zeljezic

Michaela Zittner



Dominique Manzl

Michael Fehringer

Manfred Rieser

Peter Salvenmoser


Dennis Baltus

Markus Dengg

Stefan Schermer